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The Pink Runway

Hey! Welcome to my page, I hope you like it. It was only made on Saturday October 18th, so it is very clear. This page is for everyone to find out about my favourite models and also for you to get some pictures to have or even look at :D Please feel free to look around and if you need any help please go to the contact page. Thanks ;P

11.07.03 - Well, i haven't been on the computer for so
long so i just wanted to try this out. Just to
let you know im not done and DA. page isn't workin, well her pics
10.20.03 - Today, i started to put many
pictures on the page i am currently working
on the first models so they have some pictures.
10.19.03 - Today, i am just going to start on the
individual pages so ill be really busy
10.18.03 - Today, i made this page. I worked really
hard and I also was very bored. I hope you
find this page good for you! I am still
working on it, but i might get lazy more
often or i might be busy as a bee so this
page might still be the same.. :D